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“Stephanie was one of the most conscientious employees I have ever had. Always punctual, great attitude, and proved loyal beyond expectations. My business flourished greatly with her assistance and knowledge of computer skills and organization.

I would not hesitate to recommend Stephanie to anyone who may be looking for a great employee. I am sure Stephanie Will do a terrific job for you and was sorry that I could only offer her part time employment. I will miss her greatly.”


Joni Morris
Joni Morris Entertainment

“Stephanie and I worked together for a few years. In our time as colleagues I found her to be upbeat, cooperative, and a collaborative partner. She consistently demonstrated a great attitude and personal warmth.

I also relied upon Stephanie for assistance with my personal taxes and found her to be knowledgeable and happy to help. She is the kind of person who will be happy to do a favor for someone, not as an investment, but simply as an act of kindness.

Because of her genuine like for others and her service-oriented personality, I view her as an excellent client relations professional.”


Kevin Smith-Fagan

“Based on my interactions with Ms. Martinez she shows initiatice with the tasks assigned and is consistently looking for ways to help us improve our organizations. She is positive person and works well with all our board members. She is a valuable member of our team.”


Jane Stanley
Chief Financial Officer

“Ms. Martinez is an enthusiastic, honest, efficient and capable manager. She always appeared to sincerely work hard for her associations. I had never received any criticisms of Ms. Martinez by any of the board members of her associations. On the contrary, her board members all appeared to agree with me that Ms. Martinez was a great manager.”


Bradley J. Epstein
Angius & Terry LLP

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